Vakava Team Photo

Vakava Team Photo
Vakava Racers at the Mora Last Chance Race

Race Results Archive

2019-2020 Race Results

Fastenal Parallel 45 Cup Rollerski Loppet, November 2, 2019

Open Women
3rd - Laura (podium with Jessie Diggins and Caitlin Gregg!!)

Open Men
6th - Alex
15th - Abe
16th - Scott

Masters Men
1st - Andy
7th - Brock

2012-2013 Race Results

Pre-Loppet 13K skate, January 12, 2013
5th Angie
13th Katy
17th Anna
4th Eugene
5th Nate, age-class winner
13th Ryan
20th Andy
38th Dave
59th Mike

Twin Cities Championships 15K skate, January 6, 2013
3rd Kathleen, age-class winner
4th Bonnie *race report*
11th Anna
22nd Ryan
45th Rob
69th Mike

Twin Cities Championships 10K classic, January 5, 2013
5th Kathleen
8th Bonnie
13th Angie
27th Ryan
48th Dave, age-class winner
65th Rob
81st Mike

Como Championships 10K skate, Dec 29, 2012
26th Paul
32nd Rob
34th Dave, age-class winner *race report*
49th Mike

Skinny Santa Solstice 20K skate, Dec 22, 2012
4th Mary Beth, age-class winner
8th Katy, age-class winner
9th Anna
5th Eugene
7th Nate
11th Ryan
21st Dave, age-class winner *race report*
52nd Mike

2011-2012 Race Results

2011-2012 Race Results
Sorry. This needs some updating... we will have to get on that.

Low Flying Hamster Elm Creek Informal TT Dec. 17, 2011 10k skate1st Nate
4th Anthony
6th Ryan
7th Dave C
15th Dave B
2nd Bonnie
4th Cheryl
5th Katy

Test the Lungs Dec. 10, 2011 8.5k skate6th Eugene
8th Ryan
1st Kathleen
2nd Katy

2010-2011 season

Masters World Cup
March 9 4x5k relay
M7 2nd Dave
F1 3rd Cheryl
F2 1st Angie
March 7 10k skate mass start
M7 11th Dave
F3 1st Angie
F4 2nd Cheryl
March 6 15k classic mass start
F3 4th Angie
March 5 15k skate mass start
M7 5th Dave
F4 10th Cheryl

Slush Rush March 5, 2011 10k skate
1st Kathleen

American Birkebeiner Feb 26, 2011
50k skate
35th Nate
39th Derek *race report*
47th Andy S
71st Eugene
81st Andrew K
110th Ryan
136th Dave B
161st Jason
191st Dave C (1st in age group... by over 16 minutes!)
221st Paul
20th Bonnie
21st Kathleen
28th Angie
30th Cheryl
37th Carolyn
43rd Katy
55th Michele
54k classic
59th Mark
61st Brent
180 Kevin

Minnesota Finlandia Feb 19, 2011 25k pursuit
1st Kathleen

Snowflake / Inga-lami Races Feb 19, 2011 10k skate
3rd Andy S
9th Eugene
11th Dave C
2nd Bonnie

Skiers vs Cyclists TT Feb 19, 2011 6k skate
2nd Paul

Mora Vasaloppet Feb 13, 2011
58k Skate
11th Andrew K
21st Ryan
2nd Carolyn
8th Bonnie (age group win)
42k Classic
1st Eugene (age group win) *race report*
12th Andy S
21st Brent (age group win)
80th Kevin
5th Michele (age group win)
35k Skate
1st Nate (age group win) *race report*
2nd Derek (age group win)
6th Paul
11th Mark (age group win)
13th Dave C (age group win) *race report*
20th Dave B
1st Angie (age group win) *race report*
6th Kathleen
7th Cheryl (age group win)
8th Katy

City of Lakes Loppet Feb 6, 2011
33k Skate
15th Derek
26th Eugene
27th Nate *race report*
32nd Paul
33rd Andrew K
36th Ryan
47th Dave C (age group win)
89th Mark
99th Jason
4th Carolyn
7th Angie (age group win)
11th Bonnie
12th Kathleen
21st Katy
25k Classic
6th Dave B (age group win)
13th Andy S
29th Brent
71st Kevin
3rd Cheryl (age group win) *race report*
7th Michele

COLL FinnSisu Sprints Feb 5, 2011
8th Paul
4th Carolyn
5th Kathleen
3rd Andy S

Marine/O’Brien Jan 30, 2011
25K Classic
9th Andrew K
18th Andy S. (age group win)
19th Brent
3rd Michele (age group win)
7th Katie
25K Skate
14th Paul
21st Jason
Nordic Spirit Jan 30, 2011. 25k classic
4th Nate (age group win) *race report*
7th Eugene
11th Mark
12th Dave C (age group win)
1st Kathleen (age group win)
4th Angie (age group win)
5th Cheryl (age group win)

King Boreas Jan 29, 2011. 15k freestyle men women
5th Jason *race report*
20th Paul
1st Carolyn
2nd Bonnie *race report*

St. Olaf Invitational Jan 29th, 2011. 10k freestyle
5th Nate *race report*

Mayor's Challenge Skinnyski Race Jan 23, 2011. 15k classic
5th Eugene
9th Andrew K
14th Derek
15th Dave B (age group win)
24th Mark
26th Dave C (age group win)
38th Brent
3rd Kathleen (age group win)
4th Angie (age group win)
5th Cheryl (age group win)
6th Michele

Mayor's Challange Supertour/CCSA/JOQ Jan 22, 2011. 5k freestyle
15th Carolyn
20th Kathleen

Pepsi Challenge Jan 22, 2011.
48k freestyle
3rd Bonnie (age group win)
48k classic
5th Ryan (age group win)

Balsam Vinter Fest Jan 22, 2011. 20k freestyle
7th Jason
12th Brent
1st Michele

Boulder Lake Jan 16, 2011. 31k freestyle
2nd Nate (age group win) *race report*
7th Paul
18th Dave C (age group win)
3rd Carolyn
4th Angie (age group win) *race report*
5th Cheryl (age group win) *race report*
7th Katie
13th Nichole

SISU Ski Fest Jan 15, 2011. 42k classic
14th Brent
3rd Michele

Seeley Hills Jan 15th, 2011.
22k classic
1st Dave B (age group win)
23rd Kevin
42k classic
12th Eugene *race report*
16th Andrew K
23rd Ryan
26th Mark

Pre-Loppet Jan 8, 2011. 17k freestyle
3rd Eugene *race report*
4th Derek
24th Ryan
43rd Jason
46th Paul
6th Katy

TC Championships Jan 1 & 2, 2011. 10k classic, 15k skate pursuit
10th Derek *race report*
14th Eugene *race report*
21th Andrew K
26th Ryan
36th Dave (age group win)
59th Kevin
3rd Kathleen (age group win)
5th Mary Beth (age group win)
8th Cheryl
12th Katy

Irondale Rice Creek Classic Jan 1, 2011. 9.3k classic
2nd Brent
1st Angie (1st overall!)
2nd Michele

Como Championships Dec 26th, 2010. 10k freestyle
5th Nate *race report*
12th Eugene
30th Dave C (age group win)

Skinny Santa Solstice Dec 18th, 2010. 20k freestyle
3rd Derek
8th Ryan
9th Eugene
15th Dave C
2nd Carolyn
5th Bonnie
6th Cheryl

Preseason Physical Dec 12th, 2010. 8.7k freestyle
5th Eugene
11th Dave B
2nd Carolyn

Wolverine Challange
5k freestyle Dec 11th, 2010
18th Kathleen
10k classic Dec 12th, 2010
17th Kathleen

Hoigaards Relays Dec 11th, 2010. 4x3k freestyle
1st mixed - Andy S & Carolyn

Test the Lungs Race Dec 4th, 2010. 10k freestyle
4th Eugene
1st Kathleen