Vakava Team Photo

Vakava Team Photo
Vakava Racers at the Mora Last Chance Race

Monday, December 10, 2018

A Great Holiday Gift: The State Park Challenge


Last year for Christmas my little bro gave our family the State Park Challenge. He bought us each a State Park sticker and gave us a map with all the state parks and recreation areas. The challenge was for each family unit to visit as many of these parks and areas as possible in a year. I don’t recall if there was a prize for winning but it could be whatever you want or make the journey the prize.

So here’s some photos from the State Park Challenge over the past year:

We started with Bemidji State Park (since that was where we were celebrating Christmas). It was too cold to take any photos!

Skiing on Pike Island at Fort Snelling State Park after work. Photo: Erik

And skiing at William O-Brien State Park. Photo: Erik
What I think of taking pictures in front of signs, here at the St. Croix Boom site. Photo: Erik

The cool tunnel (full of colorful graffiti) below the St. Croix Boom Site. Photo: Erik

Doing some bouldering with our friends at Interstate State Park

A paddle on the Minnesota River at the Minnesota River State Recreation Area. Photo: Erik
High Falls at Tettegouche State Park.
The swinging bridge (on the Superior Hiking Trail) above High Falls at Tettegouche
Snowy, icy gorge at Temperance River State Park
The frozen spray everywhere at Cascade River State Park
The lower waterfall at Cascade River State Park
This weird thing behind us is a frozen waterfall at Judge CR Magney State Park. Photo: Erik (because his arms are longer and we're too cheap to buy a selfie stick:)
Playing on some ice that was incredibly grippy at Judge CR Magney State Park
One of the many, many waterfalls at Gooseberry Falls State Park. We did a hike that included every bridge in the state park- including the hwy 61 bridge twice- on top and on bottom! Photo: Erik
I had lots of fun bouncing on the swinging bridge at Jay Cooke State Park and was quite amazed by the granite in the river gorge. Photo: Erik
The Kettle River flows through Banning State Park. Someday we're gonna run these rapids. Current water levels were low. Photo: Erik
We climbed this fire tower at St. Croix State Park. Photo: Erik
And the view from the top. Photo: Craig

We stopped for a brief hike and some playground time at Nerstrand Big Woods.

We'll see if we can squeeze in a couple more state parks before the end of the year!