Vakava Team Photo

Vakava Team Photo
Vakava Racers at the Mora Last Chance Race

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Off to Oregon

I want to help Nate out here with a little contribution since he does such a great job keeping the blog going:)

First, if any of you haven't skied since the Birkie, Theo Wirth was in amazing shape (front and back 9) as of 11am this morning. It's great to have that kind of coverage and grooming in sunny 30 degree weather.

Second, the Birkie was fun as per usual. Unfortunately I'm still unable to push to a good high max HR as things continue to heal post-sugery. But after really struggling up through OO or so (while very seriously contemplating a DNF), I found a little rhythm and hung on to a small group. I was at Mayo last week, and the surgeon said he believes everything seems to be healing (although they put me back on a rate control drug due to my 90-100bpm resting HR). Luckily, I snuck into a top 200 spot, so hopefully next year I'll be fully recovered ready to go again.

Finally, next Tuesday I'll be defending my PhD thesis and then moving to Portland, OR to work as a circuit designer for Intel. Luckily there is good CC skiing one hour away at Mt. Hood (see pic below), and a little further than that in Bend. It's a bummer to move away from such a great city with so many trails, but such is life. If anyone finds themselves in Portland and is looking to roller ski or ski, email

Thanks to everyone who has helped me work on my form or whipped my butt in intervals. I'll be following Vakava results from the Northwest!


  1. We will miss you for sure John. It has been great to train with you for the last year!

    Hopefully your heart issue will resolve itself soon and you will be back kicking ass. It would have been great to have you in my pack at the Birkie again this year, but I know you will be back there again next year.

    You will have to keep updating us on skiing and life. Feel free to keep posting blogs (I need all the help I can get!)

    Hope you have a blast out there! We might have to look you up if we are in the area (Nichole's sister lives in Portland too).

    Keep skiing!

  2. thanks for the link. I had heard of xc oregon because my friend Ben Mogren was on it when he had a great birkie a few years back.

    let us know if you come to visit.