Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rest => Recovery

Once again, my body proves that recovery requires rest. I’ve been recovering from my surgeries all month and it gets pretty old after a while. It’s hard to be patient sometimes. Recovery seems to come in spurts where some days I don’t feel any better and then suddenly one day I feel much better. The days I feel better are always after I’ve had a lot of sleep. The days I’m busy and don’t get a nap or to bed early enough then I don’t feel that great the next day. I’ve been busy with the holidays so the recovery seemed to stall a bit. I think I’m back on track now. My lab report came back clear after the last surgery so thankfully I’m done with that and should be ready to start radiation soon, hopefully in a week. I’ve been able to do some training, but not a lot, and mostly legs only. I’m really looking forward to a more normal training regimen with some upper body work and even a few intervals. I’ve enjoyed having less pressure to train, but everything has its limits and I’ve reached mine. At least I’ve been able to ski with friends and that helps keep me from feeling sorry for myself or getting bored. What will lift my spirits the most will be some decent snowfall and cooler weather.

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