Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Training on the Other Side of the World

This just in from Mike...

Just when I thought I had my professional career tweaked to allow me to focus on skiing and training everything changed. I’m now responsible for business in Asia which means I may easily join the “one a month club” in my travels to Asia. The good news for skiers is that so far every time I’m in Asia it snows back home. It snowed in November when I was in Japan and last week Wednesday as I was leaving it definitely was snowing. According to Karen (who’s on her own shoveling) it’s snowed at least one more time…

So back to training in Japan, It seems odd to be doing so much non- ski specific training at this point in December. Given that if anything I was too ski specific through the whole dryland training season. For the past week I've been running, swimming and riding a stationary bike. I feel more like a tri-athlete than a member of the Vakava ski team. I've found it’s best to run before the majority of Japan wakes up, which means getting up before 5AM (which might sound early but it’s 2PM back home), otherwise there are too many cars, bikes and pedestrians to negotiate around.

I've been lucky this week since the hotel I'm in has a lap pool, good gym and great spa with cold and hot baths plus a sauna. It seems like I've been working, working out, sleeping or spending time in the spa doing cold / hot contrast baths and using the sauna. Yes, Ahvo, I will buy a sauna some day (still working on permission).

Looking on the bright side, I likely have been flirting with over training for most of the off season so if anything the last two trips to Japan have given the body time to recover. If I can get past the jet lag I should be ready to ski and train when I get home this weekend. Can’t wait to see everyone on the trails and at Wed night workouts.

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