Vakava Team Photo

Vakava Team Photo
Vakava Racers at the Mora Last Chance Race

Monday, February 4, 2013

City of Lakes Loppet

Race recap from Mary Beth Tuttle

I was thrilled to learn early last week that COLL was going to run full course, so I quickly registered for the race.  It's one of my favorite races.  I love the challenging and varied terrain, which mixes hilly wooded sections with amazing views of the Minneapolis skyline, takes you over a busy interstate, across several lakes and finishes on the streets of Uptown on Hennepin and Lake Street.  The race also has amazing volunteers who give a small town feel to a very large, urban race.  We were blessed to receive a little more snow the night before the race, so the course was in perfect condition.

The new snow along with the brisk temperatures made the course a little slow, except when you got on the lakes where the snow was significantly faster.  Despite the slow snow, my skis were fast, for which I am always thankful.  The Fast Wax recommendation of two coats of HSLF white, covered with HSLF teal and topped with Flight Arctic worked very well.  I used my Atomic World Cup skis with a Finn Sisu universal grind and a moderate flex.

I also was fortunate to ski with a great group of people during the race, who were all very encouraging to each other.  My only regret was that I didn't get a chance to have my usual post-race beer and attend the awards ceremony after the race due to a family commitment.  A huge thank you to the race organizers, many volunteers, groomers, and mother nature.

Congratulations to my team-mates for lots of excellent performances.  It was a good day for Vakava!

Vakava results:

25 classic -- women
Kathleen Dewahl -- 1st overall, 1st age group
Michelle Oja -- 9th, 3rd age group

25 classic -- men
Evgeny Beletskiy -- 4th overall, 2nd age group
Dave Bridges -- 17th, 1st age group
Paavo Taipale -- 20th
Robert Edman -- 35th
Kevin Ivens -- 48th
Brent Oja -- 53th

33K skate -- women
Mary Beth Tuttle -- 2nd overall, 1st age group
Bonnie Weiskopf -- 4th, 1st age group
Angie Robinson -- 8th, 2nd age group
Kathryn Splan -- 13th, 1st age group
Anna Peterson -- 18th, 3rd age group

33k skate -- men
Derek Wallen -- 15th overall
Andrew Kromroy -- 18th
Ryan Atwell -- 20th
Andrew Schakel -- 29th, 2nd age group
David Christopherson -- 71st, 1st age group
Paul Olson -- 96th
Mark Ahlers -- 107th
Steve Yore -- 115th
Mike Nohr -- 122nd

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