Vakava Team Photo

Vakava Team Photo
Vakava Racers at the Mora Last Chance Race

Monday, January 28, 2013

Nordic Spirit 2013

Angie Robinson reports:

Dave and I raced the Nordic Spirit in Duluth this weekend. We both like the course since it’s nice and rolling through the woods and we knew they had just gotten a couple inches of snow so we expected good conditions. We were not disappointed. It was almost weird skiing on real snow. It was soft, kind of slow (compared to hard packed ice), and uneven so it felt very different than what we’d been skiing on. It was a very nice day in the low 20’s. Both our skis worked well. Dave had on Fast Wax HSF Green with Flight Cold and I had Fast Wax HSF Tan with Flight Cold. I got to try out my brand new Atomics too. They seem to run really well on the downhills and I’m learning how to ski them on the uphills. (Uphills have always been tougher for me than the downhills.) Over all they feel good.

Dave had a good race. He came in 18th overall and 2nd out of the group of 7 or so that he’d been racing with.

My race was ok. I’ve been struggling with fatigue all year and the race was no exception. I came in 5th overall and managed to hold off another woman who reeled me in twice but I was able to pull away again both times.

Overall it was a fun day. Good snow, fun trails, nice souvenir hat (red this year). The only down side is that we had to leave early and miss the awards and door prizes since bad weather was coming to the cities and we wanted to avoid as much of it as we could. We got home safe after seeing several cars in the ditch along the way.

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